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Age 6 years, 11 days
Started January 7, 2013
Official Volume 29 Gallons
Actual Volume 20 Gallons
Make Coralife
Model 29 gal BioCube

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johnnyatc ‐ First time with a small tank like this. I'm going to take it slow and see what happens. I've been looking at all the photos on Nano-Reef and am pretty excited with the possibilities. Yea, I was pretty bummed about my clown. He even made a move across country 16 years ago with no problems. He was a mean cuss thought, couldn't clean the tank with out a rubber sleeve on he would take little chunks out of your fingers and arm. He always forgot the part about the same hand feeding him everyday!!
dtum ‐ Never thought clowns could be this aggressive and especially be able to do any damage. The only thing that attacks me is my cleaner shrimp and it just tickles.
johnnyatc ‐ Yea, the Tomato's and the Maroon's are pretty feisty. He always ruled the tank. The only thing that got along with him was my Yellow Tang. I liked my clown, but I'm not going to put another one in the new tank. I'm going to get a couple perc's. I have a Royal Gramma I'm going to bring over from the 75 also. I'm going to try a cleaner shrimp also.
johnnyatc ‐ Thanks, appreciate it!!!


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2 Ecoxotic
Fuge light
Refugium Light
2 Timers
InTank Refug
Algae Pad (Cleaning)
Big Shot Measuring glass
2 Media Bags
5 RODI Water
5 Salt Water

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Prime Reef Flakes · Snow Flake for Corals · Krill. Fish seemed to really like it. · Fuel For Reef's · Frozen Krill with Selcon added. · Mysis Shrimp · Reef Complete/Krill and ZooPlankton W/Selcon added · Krill and Reef Plankton W/Selcon · R.N. Phyto-Feast Live · Phyto Feast · Reef Fuel · Oyster Feast · Reef Plankton - 1 cube

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3 Fish

2 Ocellaris Clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris

5 Corals

Acropora efflorescens Acropora efflorescens
Cabbage Leather Coral Sinularia brassica
Montipora Coral, Plating Montipora capricornis
Torch Coral Euphyllia glabrescens

5 Invertebrate

1 Plant

Chaetomorpha Chaetomorpha sp.

On average you perform a 27.8% water change every 39 days.

0% total water change in January.

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Treated tank with Flatworm Solutions!!! Mid sized out-break. The Corals aren't to happy!! The Mushrooms are taking it the worst. I Pray everything will come back.
Have been adding Kent Part A/B for a week now and I'm starting to get Coralline Algae growth on the back wall already!!! Temp has been down to 77 with the front and back open, along with the ceiling
Added a Torch Coral yesterday. Seems to be doing OK, out and opened up. Fed some Mysis Shrimp today. My Royal Gramma is out and seems to be getting along with everyone!!! For now..Some of my Measure
My Royal Gramma decided to show his face today!! Hanging a little to close to my clowns. They seem a little upset!! I think he will leave them alone though. I saw both of them stand up to him at t
Added my Royal Gramma from the big tank today. He's hiding in the back of the tank and the Clown's are checking him out. I hope that they will keep him in check and he won't bully the clowns around.
Cleaned everything really well. Did a 5 gal water change. the temp came down to about 78 and things seem to be doing better, need to find a way to keep temp down with out a chiller. Moved the break