Figured out that my CO2 Needle Valve was accidentally turned off. Must have turned it down too much and it shut off when my room got cold. Opened it back up to about 2 bubbles per second.
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Added Purigen yesterday after the water change. Woke up this morning to super clear water!

Manually removed as much string algae as I could find yesterday. It seems the two extra otos I added on Sunday have been helping out with the black brush stuff growing on the leaves of my c. spiralis.

Might buy some more hairgrass to get the lawn to fill in. Seems like moving the tank and replanting the hairgrass stunned it's growth. It's been running for a month and no runners at all from them while my c. wendtii is growing...Definitely not a light issue or nutrient issue.
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Nitrates still at 30ppm. Not dosing nitrate until they drop to 10. Will continue to test until I can figure out a good EI dosing schedule.

Some green string algae and some algae growing on the leaves of Crypt Spiralis. Going to buy more otocinclus and maybe a few Amano shrimp today. Also going to get another media bag to run Purigen in this tank as well. Hopefully it will help eat up some excess nutrients and might help with the algae. I guess I will see!
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