Today marks the day I got the Marine Aquarium Tank Log Book in the mail and have already started filling it out. That being said I may only be bringing bigger updates to Aquatic log unless I get a pro account for Christmas.

Tank update: Just finished the first day of enjoying a completely Red slime free tank. Let me just tell you it looks great the coral, inverts, and fish look happy and active. It makes my tank feel freakishly clean to the point where I feel like I am starving my inverts. I do not think it will take it to long for new food to grow from them unfortunately.

As for New stuff: So we added a Green/Pink Pocillopora to the tank and before we even got to the dipping process we noticed a small brittle sea star in the bag with the coral a sweet $15 invert for free. He is supposed to be a good one too that is the fancy tiger striped variety. I added him to the new 20 gallon never to be seen again until he is 10" long i'm sure. I then dipped the coral and found a nasty astria star fish a pest and saw another vermatid snail. Got those out of there promptly and started to add this new coral to the new 20 gallon tank when bam as soon as I put this thing in the tank the peppermint shrimp I picked up a few days ago comes directly out of hiding and starts picking away at this poor coral. I was trying to convince myself that the shrimp was just cleaning it so I called Amanda in for a second opinion and she said it was eating it too so we moved it back to this 5 gallon desktop paradise. It immediately opened up and showed its beautiful colors. Moral of the story is do not get a peppermint shrimp or any shrimp by that means if you care about your coral.
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Well some good news and bad news with this update. We just returned from our 5 day vacation visiting family for thanksgiving and returned to find no dead fish in any of our 5 fish tanks! Sadly to say this morning I woke up to find the hermit crab frozen in a stiff position. We are having a bit of a red cynobacteria problem and I am afraid between that and the api algaefix I just dosed the tank with the little hermit crab just couldn't handle it. I think it may have lowered the O2 levels in the tank etc... To try and remedy any water quality problems I quickly did a 20% water change that resulted in dropping the salinity from 1.027 to 1.025 so I am going to leave it as is for now.

Now that we figured out that problem as soon as we returned I picked up a Reef octopus protein skimmer for our new 20 gallon set up and have it soaking in vinegar with 13 lbs of dry rock I purchased from the same person. I am very tempted to hook it up on the 5 gallon for a while to see what it collects.

On our return we both noticed that the new hammer coral we have has grown a lot since we left and the blue lepstera has also grown or looks like it is thriving a lot more than when we left. The clown fish seems happy to have company back at home both snails are doing great eating away at algae on the glass. The clown fish has eaten more of the pellet food than ever before she must be hungry.

The cynobacteria is out of control we plan on going to get the ultra life red slime stain remover from the lfs today to try and start fighting it.
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We have had some unexpected surprises in the reef world here lately we have really been blessed when it comes to the hobby. I was asked by a good friend in an emergency situation to come acclimate a frag pack that was coming in the mail while he was out of town. I agreed of course and was gifted a blue leptastrea from in return as well as a digital aquarium thermometer! So we had to rearrange the tank. We zip tied our small frag rack to a rock to solve our stability issue with the rack always falling over. We also changed the rock work and added the 83gph fluval stock pump back on the back sump wall behind the rocks where it is out of sight. I turned it all the way down and I think it is the best flow possible for the tank. We now have two sources of flow and I am guessing around 200 gph turn over in the tank which is great maybe 180.

Everyone loved these updates we made yesterday 11/15 and today we made the journey to the LFS after work with Jack, Amanda, and Blizz Blizz. We picked up a new smaller astraea snail to help fight the algae while we are away on Thanksgiving. Before leaving we picked up a JBJ Aqua Tongs ($7) to help rearrange the tank without having to dip out water to get our hands in the tank. It is constant battle to keep it from overflowing when re-arranging the tank. On the way out a small hammer between the 10 and 15 dollar frag racks caught our eye. We asked and they said it was only$10 so we went ahead and added that to our collection! Brought the snail and new coral home and got them all settled into the tank. The hammer is already out and happy the snail has not moved an inch. Happy reefing everyone!
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Woke up this morning to find the crab has turned over every small piece of rubble in my tank. He almost knocked over the candy cane on the new frag rack. This morning the candy cane was open and had eaten the shrimp from last night. The leather is still closed up but starting to open. The astrea snail moved to the rocks now. Thinking about stopping dosing my tank with algaefix so they will have more food! Amanda fixed the tank again this morning and everything seems to be under control.
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Today was a big update to the tank and I think it will fix all of my algae problems. We did the tanks first water change before we left for our opening weekend of deer season (20%). Came back to an aqueon aq600 return pump to upgrade the 83 gph to 159 gph. I had to do a few modifications to the pump to get it to fit in the sump area but overall very simple process for $18. After adding the pump we re aquascaped the tank adding a frag rack Amanda cut out for me while I was gone. Next we moved the candy cane over to the new frag rack and re-positioned the leather with full light and moderate flow.

After everything filtered out we added an Astrea snail and blue legged hermit crab to help turn over the sand etc... They are doing great the Astrea is already cleaning all over the glass. The hermit crab cleaned hair algae off the glass, cleaned sand for a wile, then decides to turn over a rock and proceeds to eat the algae and plant material off of that rock. I hope he does not mess up any of my other smaller rocks. Everyone seems very happy right now except the clown does not seem to know what to think yet.
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Tank is looking much better algae wise. Still seeing bubbles popping to show its working. Amanda caught the candy cane coral with its tentacles out eating this morning. Cora line Algae is starting to spread to more of the new rocks from added live rock. Clown fish is acting happy still has not eaten well considering trying a different food.
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Dosed with Algaefix Marine, Bubbles are popping up on the rocks where you can tell it is killing the algae.
-Added 1 cup RODI
-Moved coral to new location.
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Fish is looking good fed did not eat.
-Added live rock from two stores to the tank one is covered in coral line algae.
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Added dry rock, sand, and water. The salinity was ok.
-Added Sponge, Pond Matrix and Carbon
-Added Yellow tail Blue Damsel.
-Purchased 2.5 gallons RODI water for top off used about.5 gal topping off tank.
-Added Stability
-Fed food at night did not eat.
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