Today was a big update to the tank and I think it will fix all of my algae problems. We did the tanks first water change before we left for our opening weekend of deer season (20%). Came back to an aqueon aq600 return pump to upgrade the 83 gph to 159 gph. I had to do a few modifications to the pump to get it to fit in the sump area but overall very simple process for $18. After adding the pump we re aquascaped the tank adding a frag rack Amanda cut out for me while I was gone. Next we moved the candy cane over to the new frag rack and re-positioned the leather with full light and moderate flow.

After everything filtered out we added an Astrea snail and blue legged hermit crab to help turn over the sand etc... They are doing great the Astrea is already cleaning all over the glass. The hermit crab cleaned hair algae off the glass, cleaned sand for a wile, then decides to turn over a rock and proceeds to eat the algae and plant material off of that rock. I hope he does not mess up any of my other smaller rocks. Everyone seems very happy right now except the clown does not seem to know what to think yet.
November 11, 2018 19:51