We have had some unexpected surprises in the reef world here lately we have really been blessed when it comes to the hobby. I was asked by a good friend in an emergency situation to come acclimate a frag pack that was coming in the mail while he was out of town. I agreed of course and was gifted a blue leptastrea from reefaddicted.com in return as well as a digital aquarium thermometer! So we had to rearrange the tank. We zip tied our small frag rack to a rock to solve our stability issue with the rack always falling over. We also changed the rock work and added the 83gph fluval stock pump back on the back sump wall behind the rocks where it is out of sight. I turned it all the way down and I think it is the best flow possible for the tank. We now have two sources of flow and I am guessing around 200 gph turn over in the tank which is great maybe 180.

Everyone loved these updates we made yesterday 11/15 and today we made the journey to the LFS after work with Jack, Amanda, and Blizz Blizz. We picked up a new smaller astraea snail to help fight the algae while we are away on Thanksgiving. Before leaving we picked up a JBJ Aqua Tongs ($7) to help rearrange the tank without having to dip out water to get our hands in the tank. It is constant battle to keep it from overflowing when re-arranging the tank. On the way out a small hammer between the 10 and 15 dollar frag racks caught our eye. We asked and they said it was only$10 so we went ahead and added that to our collection! Brought the snail and new coral home and got them all settled into the tank. The hammer is already out and happy the snail has not moved an inch. Happy reefing everyone!
November 16, 2018 20:54