Well some good news and bad news with this update. We just returned from our 5 day vacation visiting family for thanksgiving and returned to find no dead fish in any of our 5 fish tanks! Sadly to say this morning I woke up to find the hermit crab frozen in a stiff position. We are having a bit of a red cynobacteria problem and I am afraid between that and the api algaefix I just dosed the tank with the little hermit crab just couldn't handle it. I think it may have lowered the O2 levels in the tank etc... To try and remedy any water quality problems I quickly did a 20% water change that resulted in dropping the salinity from 1.027 to 1.025 so I am going to leave it as is for now.

Now that we figured out that problem as soon as we returned I picked up a Reef octopus protein skimmer for our new 20 gallon set up and have it soaking in vinegar with 13 lbs of dry rock I purchased from the same person. I am very tempted to hook it up on the 5 gallon for a while to see what it collects.

On our return we both noticed that the new hammer coral we have has grown a lot since we left and the blue lepstera has also grown or looks like it is thriving a lot more than when we left. The clown fish seems happy to have company back at home both snails are doing great eating away at algae on the glass. The clown fish has eaten more of the pellet food than ever before she must be hungry.

The cynobacteria is out of control we plan on going to get the ultra life red slime stain remover from the lfs today to try and start fighting it.
November 24, 2018 11:50