Today marks the day I got the Marine Aquarium Tank Log Book in the mail and have already started filling it out. That being said I may only be bringing bigger updates to Aquatic log unless I get a pro account for Christmas.

Tank update: Just finished the first day of enjoying a completely Red slime free tank. Let me just tell you it looks great the coral, inverts, and fish look happy and active. It makes my tank feel freakishly clean to the point where I feel like I am starving my inverts. I do not think it will take it to long for new food to grow from them unfortunately.

As for New stuff: So we added a Green/Pink Pocillopora to the tank and before we even got to the dipping process we noticed a small brittle sea star in the bag with the coral a sweet $15 invert for free. He is supposed to be a good one too that is the fancy tiger striped variety. I added him to the new 20 gallon never to be seen again until he is 10" long i'm sure. I then dipped the coral and found a nasty astria star fish a pest and saw another vermatid snail. Got those out of there promptly and started to add this new coral to the new 20 gallon tank when bam as soon as I put this thing in the tank the peppermint shrimp I picked up a few days ago comes directly out of hiding and starts picking away at this poor coral. I was trying to convince myself that the shrimp was just cleaning it so I called Amanda in for a second opinion and she said it was eating it too so we moved it back to this 5 gallon desktop paradise. It immediately opened up and showed its beautiful colors. Moral of the story is do not get a peppermint shrimp or any shrimp by that means if you care about your coral.
December 11, 2018 20:48