So I'm finally happy with the position of my aquarium plant in the oval white and black dish that I'm using like an underwater pot. The stones at the bad of the tank where white and light grey, but some of the black substrate that I was using in the dish spilled out. So now it's a mix.

I have my first fish, a half-moon beta that has dark blue scales. Black fins that gradually go to an ocean blue with white pearl ends.

The first round of planting on the 30/06/20 of the aqua plant into the dish was an ordeal. I did first plant them out of the water 💦 and then fill up the tank. But once filled some of the plants came loose and floated up. Every time I replaced one another one dislodged until finally they were planted.

I bought some more aqua plants on the 03/07/20 crypts and back plants. If I thought the first time planting was hard. The second time was expert level, even with a straight nose aquascaping tweezers. I tried to plant in a full tank, then decided to try a half-full tank. I pulled out and trimmed the tops of the back plants and the roots of the crypts. Only after 20mins of fiddling, I had enough and took the whole dish out to plant the way I like it.

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