With the nitrite spike and me going on a 2 month vacation, I can only hope my dad takes proper care of the tank and doesn’t skimp while I’m away. This tank, until I am back, will be put on hiatus
View June 19, 2018 11:13
Emergency nitrite spike. Quintuple dosed Seachem Prime to temporarily alleviate symptoms. Readings are down from 2ppm to 0.5ppm. Several rainbow fish and angelfish specimens were lost. Will continue to monitor
View June 19, 2018 11:11
Added Fluval Co2 Indicator Set and bought Fluval Straight Forceps (Planting utility)
View June 12, 2018 14:16
Added DIY Co2 system utilizing citric acid and baking soda to create Co2.

Added 2 bristle nose plecos, 3 clown loaches, and 1 sailfin pleco (have the option of donation if he becomes a problem with my plants, but, hope he fairs well in my tank)
View June 10, 2018 14:32
Added lucky bamboo, acorus, and spider plant to the riparium layer of the tank. Officially set up Dustin’s Fish Tanks Standard Double LED (not sponsored) and 6 100W LED bulbs. Approximate lighting level is now at 4 WPG (Watts per Gallon)
View June 7, 2018 20:27
Another angelfish specimen added. Will add one more specimen soon. Added 2 pleco specimens, one rubberlip and one bristlenose.

First week of fish in cycling done. Everything looking good! Ammonia and nitrite are roughly 0-.25 ppm, while nitrates are around 20 ppm! I am amazed at tetra safestart. It seems as if it is not pure snake oil! But seriously, I am amazed at it. So far, would recommend it for quick cycling.
View June 6, 2018 16:58
2 angelfish specimens lost. One was unhealthy to begin with when purchased from the store, another was too curious and got caught in the skimmer
View June 4, 2018 09:59
Added water lettuce, parrots feather, hornwort, and green cabomba. Added 4 cory cats and the last angelfish specimen
View June 3, 2018 17:48
Added a new black and gold angelfish specimen. Added green phantom and rubber nose plecos.
View June 3, 2018 09:43
Added “emerged” section on skimmer. Specimens on emerged section include java fern, anubias, and golden pothos.
View June 1, 2018 21:08