Had to remove all the remaining SPS due to die-off. Nitrite continues to be elevated. I also noted some turbo snails have died.
View December 15, 2016 15:42
Acro die-off is continuing. Almost all existing sps are showing significant tissue loss or have totally died. Removed several skeletons.
View December 7, 2016 14:32
During holiday vacation, an auto-feeder was used to feed fish. it apparently added too much food as there was an abundance left on the bottom of the tank and it appeared that I had an ammonia/nitrite spike. Several corals show tissue loss at the tips. I cut back tips on those acros and I am replacing carbon and adding some Zeomix.
View November 28, 2016 18:27
Increased dosing to 14 ml/day
View November 21, 2016 19:50
adjusting dosing down to 7 ml/day on Components after getting a high ALK reading of 8.4. will monitor to see where it settles out
View November 15, 2016 14:32
Removing Phosphate Minus and reducing the amount of ZeoMix to 300g based on such low NO3 & PO4 levels.
View November 11, 2016 14:41
Switching dosing of AF Pro Bio S & NP-Pro to 3x/week (MWF) to see if NO3 & PO4 increase some
View November 10, 2016 15:56
Added additional clean-up crew consisting of:
18 Dwarf Ceriths
7 Nassarius
11 Florida Ceriths
8 Nerites
View November 10, 2016 15:54
Switched Components Dosing to 14 ml/day (from 12 ml/day) since ALK is still at 7.0.
View November 8, 2016 13:23
Dosing increase to 10ml/day for Components based on ALK staying at 7.0 Added 2ml of ME ALK in addition to dosing.
View November 8, 2016 00:44