CADLights 34g

Salt Lake City, UT
Volume 34 Gallons
Dimensions 30'' x 16'' x 16''
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Model 34g Mini-II
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I'm Katie. I recently moved to Salt Lake City, UT to get married! I had to tear down my old tank that I had in Arizona and give away the inhabitants to a friend. Now its time to rebuild. This time I'm shooting for a bonsai-esque aquascape. We'll see how it goes...


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Filtration is from the overflow into a InTank Media Basket. First level is polyfilter. 2nd Level is undecided and blank for now. 3rd level has the 3.5"x4"x8" Marine Pure Block for additional biological filtration surface afrea considering I have so little aquascaping in the display.

Then I have my skimmer, obligatorily first because there is a little built in spot to attach it.

Then my two media reactors. The first is running a BRS Rox Carbon/GFO mix in a DIY filter bag made from nylon stockings. The 2nd media reactor has BRS biopellets.

Water then flows into the return and is pumped back into the display.


Lighting provided by Reef Breeders Photon 24 with a ramp up/ramp down light cycle with a little extended moonlighting for evening viewing.


Flow is obtained by the stock pump/return and a MP10 set to about 60% max.




Livestock goals are for a mixed reef. I prefer corals with some movement so this will be predominantly softies and LPS with a few SPS.

Future fish goals:
Pygmy Cherub
Mandarin Goby (must find one that will eat frozen)
Maybe a yellow clown goby.

Future Inverts:
Maxima clam

Future Coral Goals:
Elegance coral
Some unique xenia/softies
More varieties of zoas to grow up the trunk.

2 Fish

Spotcinctus Clownfish female Amphiprion bicinctus
Spotcinctus Clownfish male Amphiprion bicinctus

15 Corals

Blue Cespitularia Xenia Cespitularia sp.
Glove Polyp Clavularia sp.
Green Star Polyp Clavularia viridis
Green Star Polyp Clavularia viridis
Lemon Tree Coral Stereonephthya sp
Pink Zoanthid Zoanthus sp
Pulsating Xenia Xenia elongata
Zoanthid Zoanthus sp.
Zoanthid Zoanthus sp.

1 Invertebrate

Sexy Anemone Shrimp Thor amboinensis


I have BRS Kalkwasser and calcium/mag/alk in a spare room to use as coral demand increases.

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Mysis · Reef Frenzy


I am of the opinion that less is more. I will wait 1 month to do the first water change to give the tank every opportunity to fully complete its cycle. I then anticipate water changes every 2 weeks, but I will try to work them down to 1 month or less, with the focus on primarily removing any settled detritus.

On average you perform a 10.7% water change every 64 days.

0% total water change in 2023-05-29T09:47:46.361176Z[GMT].

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