Disposed of Yellowtail Damsel. To territorial.
View August 20, 2012 20:55
Moved the Green Toadstool to the right rear from the left mid.
View August 18, 2012 18:00
Changed to a new lighting program from 6 am to 11:30 pm with Channel A and D only getting to 75%.
View August 18, 2012 18:00
Treated Aiptasia with Stop Aiptasia
View August 17, 2012 20:17
Added Green, Red, Blue Zoas, Turqouis Acropora, Red Acropora, 3 Scarlet Hermits, 3 Mexican Turbos, 3 Astreas, 3 Nassarious, and 1 Orange/Gray Meteor Shower from Elite Reef
View August 14, 2012 20:36
Hood Fans have kept the tank cool. I adjusted the heater up on 1 degree to get things to hopefully settle at 78 temporarily until I get temperature control working properly. The Aqualogic Temp Controller won't ever shut off the cooling stage right now.
View August 14, 2012 19:23
When I came home tonight temperature was high (82.1). I've turned on the hood fans to see if they keep it cool tomorrow.
View August 13, 2012 19:54
Acropora on top bleached out and no polyps tonight. Moved down a level to see if it recovers.
View August 13, 2012 19:53
Treated Aiptasia with Aiptasia Stop
View August 11, 2012 18:54
Temperature at 83 around 7:00 pm when arrived home. Added ice to bring it down to 79 degrees.
View August 9, 2012 20:13