Cat Television

Toronto, Ontario
Volume 100 Gallons
Dimensions 48'' x 20'' x 24''
Make Aquarium Illusions
Model Custom


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12 Fish

4 Blue Reef Chromis Chromis cyaneus
Diamond Watchman Goby Valenciennea puellaris
Firefish Nemateleotris magnifica
Foxface Rabbitfish Siganus vulpinus
Kaudern's Cardinal Pterapogon kauderni
2 Ocellaris Clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris
Orchid Dottyback Pseudochromis fridmani
Tomini Tang (Flame Fin Tang) Ctenochaetus tominiensis

31 Corals

Acan Brain Coral Acanthastrea echinata
Acropora deswalli Acropora deswalli
Alveopora Coral Alveopora sp
Birdsnest Coral Seriatopora hystrix
Blastomussa Coral Blastomussa merleti
Brain Coral, Trachyphyllia Trachyphyllia geoffroyi
Candy Cane Coral Caulastrea furcata
3 Duncan Polyp Duncanopsammia axifuga
Elegance Coral Catalaphyllia jardinei
2 Florida Ricordea Mushroom Ricordea florida
Frogspawn Coral - Branched Euphyllia paradivisa
Leaf Plate Montipora Montipora capricornis
Merulina Coral Merulina ampliata
3 Northern Lights Zoa Zoanthus sp.
Red Dragon Acropora Acropora carduus
Sakura Zoa Zoanthus sp.
Sunset Montipora Montipora spongodes
Tooth Coral Galaxea spp.
Torch Coral Euphyllia glabrescens
Tort Coral Acropora tortuosa
Umbrella Mushroom Discosoma neglecta

20 Invertebrate

7 Astraea Conehead Snail Astraea tecta
2 Electric Blue Hermit Crab Calcinus elegans
Feather Duster Sabellastarte sp.
2 Halloween Hermit Crab Ciliopagurus strigatus
Linckia Sea Star Linckia laevigata
Peppermint Shrimp Lysmata wurdemanni complex
2 Red Line Cleaner Shrimp Lysmata amboinensis
Rock Flower Anemone Epicystis crucifer
Rose Bulb Anemone Entacmaea quadricolor
2 Turbo Snail Turbo fluctuosa


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Seaweed · Mysis / Brine / Bloodworm · Fed Mysis / Brine · New Era Marine Pellets · Mysis & Brine Shrimp · Seachem Zoo Plankton · Marine Snow · New Era Tropical Flakes · SeaChem Reef Zoo Plankton · Goniopowder · Fauna Marin Ocean Plankton · Algae Grazer · Mysis & Brine Shrimp; Calanus Zooplankton · Reef Prime · Zoo Plankton

On average you perform a 20.9% water change every 165 days.

0% total water change in September.

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We have a new anthias! Female squareback -- likely will switch gender at some point.

So far she's not eating frozen food but she does get caught up in the frenzy when I feed the tank so I a
Sadly I discovered what was left of our lawnmower blenny last night. Not sure what happened but he’d definitely been picked over by the time I found him.

That happened, and we also lost a f
Got my shipment from today and went right to work setting things up. My ORP probe is now in the tank (reading is low but it could take up to 10 days to "break in" completely) and Aqua
The more shy of my two firefish has been AWOL for a couple of days. I'm not panicking yet but will definitely be keeping a more keen eye out for him.

My lawnmower blenny is taking bites
After drying out the Neptune EB8 power bar that tripped the GFCI circuit yesterday, we've re-tested it and it is no longer shorting. All 8 outlets work, too! I'm going to let it sit for another day
Bought a new hose for water changes and used it today. Unfortunately it popped OUT of the sump when I plugged it in, spraying saltwater inside my cabinet.

The GFCI circuit tripped, and a

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