the watchman had a bite on his back and now hes moved to under the zoa rock and out of the big cave. purple fire fish looks all healed and I wish he would start to flick his top fin again. have some algae but not that bad scraping every day to keep things clean as can be!
View December 9, 2019 05:45
need to learn about raised cocpods for the dragonette.
View November 22, 2019 05:08
wanted to buy a blue clown goby at sd reef today but I resisted!
View November 19, 2019 06:38
saw the royal gramma getting cleaned by the shrimp tonight. stacia got to see it. tk had a mysis shrimp. the cleaner shrimp is not afraid of the feeder tube at all! he stayed right there and grabbed 2 shrimp from the tube! need to look up what the dragonette eats. hes not interested in mysis shrimp.
View November 16, 2019 05:11
went to SD Reef to get some salt water and browse the wares. ended up with a freshly plucked toadstool polyp from the pretty tank up front. also trying a royal gramma one more time. right now the little guy is laying on the sand in the back corner.

I followed directions and strapped the toadstool polyp to a piece of dead coral. placed it in the back corner where the hermit crab shells were and hope it grows up big and beautiful in the back.

THE CYNO IS GONE!!!! That red slime treatment worked wonders. will test the pH and nitrates day after tomorrow to see if it affected my biological filter. I dont think it will as brs did a video and it didn't effect anything in their tank.

I put the big hermit crab back in the tank this morning as I didn't want to torture him. fed him last night so hes fine. he better not bother anyone again and haven't seen him doing anything bad yet.

Fed marine cuisine tonight. they dont like it as much as plain mysis shrimp packs. especially the damsel. she does not go crazy for marine cuisine but does for all the other food packs I have.

the purple firefish and tricolor fairy wrasse have been hanging out a lot which is really cute. the new dragonette seems fine bit I'd like to see him eat something. for now all good, just a little worried about the frogspawn's one side. also want to get a purple torch eventually and probably a small piece of live rock from aquatic warehouse in the front right corner. also want a small sunny d frag from there.
View November 6, 2019 05:02
I got a hanna alkalinity check today. it works really quick and accurate. also got an Mg test kit from salifert yesterday. need to do more research on Mg but I think it's fine.

I added 3.5 mL of the alk buffer tonight. went from 7.5 to 7.8. added another 4 mL just now. want the alk at least at 8.5 to kill cyno.

sucked out cyno twice today and scrubbed sides free of diatoms and whatever else. I hope the tank levels out soon! also switched the power heads to try to stir up the sand and help with cyno. that plus but sea stars are under there now.

it looks so beautiful right now under the moon lights and I'm proud I've gotten it this far. also the watchman goby swims up and takes food right out of the feeder tube. so cute!
View November 3, 2019 03:40
removed and quarantined three hermits tonight. found one eating a snail that was pried from its shell. they also are my new conch! Going to take them back to sd reef if they live until then.

was sad a week ago when the second royal gramma died. I'll get another one but first need another sea star and a sand sifting goby.

still have the cyno problem in the sand and on the intake grate tonight. brushed it off the bam bam which the zoa seemed to enjoy.

used the reef glue for the first time tonight. it went ok glad I watched the reef supplier video on how to use it first. glued the candy cane to the smaller rock and glued the smaller rock to the larger one at one joint so it would be more stable.

tank is looking really beautiful tonight with the moon lights. going to put the zoa colony from aquatic warehouse into the sand probably tomorrow near the green star polyp.

been watching lots of reef keeper videos and beginning to feel more confident. just wish I could get rid of the cyno naturally. I cut down on the feeding of the fish tonight. biggie and smallz look hungry but I think they are fine.

also got an nyos nitrate test kit tonight and looks like I have no nitrates. probably from changing at least 2 gallons a day from cleaning cyno.
View November 1, 2019 04:34
Added .5 gallon of water and 1 cup salt this AM.
View August 17, 2019 16:12
Water check today. Gas bubbles formed under sand.
View August 14, 2019 03:25