Tank cycled 20-21/04/20 as nitrites 0 ppm and nitrates 5ppm.
Large 80% water change

Moved peppered and bronze corydoras to this tank to medicate with Kanaplex and nitrofurazone combination as fish unresponsive to round of tetracycline, melafix and pimafix. Methylene blue dips also unsuccessful.

Diagnosis: unilateral and bilateral popeye

Rationale for kanamycin and nitrofurazone tx being addresses both facultative anaerobes and common disease causing aerobic bacteria.

If doesn't work, will purchase seachem paraguard; has malachite which may be lethal in some corydoras apparently; jaudicious use warranted.
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Nitrite spike dropped to 0.25 and nitrate remained at 5.0
Added 1ppm ammonia to feed
Added stability

Appears cycle is almost done, just waiting for all nitrite to 0 out and nitrate spike for a large wc
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Added 2ppm nh3 after 75% wc
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Old tank cracked by dad yesterday 16/04/20
Purchased new 3ft 182 litre tank but it leaked overnight, decided to return it

Purchased petworx 50x30x30 tank 45L at aquatico
Tried to salvage cycle from HOB filter w sand, plants and tank water. Added one 50w mini heater as well to try get temps up.
Tested parameters - 0.5 ammonia, 0.25 nitrite, 5 nitrate.
Added 9 drops nh3 to achieve 3ppm ammonia
Added cap of stability
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Ran out of nh3 test - new test kit needed
Added 3/4 cap stability
Nh3 appears to have reduced by half from 3 to 1-1.5 ppm
Nitrite same at 0.25

Added 2 duckweed
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Ammonia appears to remain same or reduce by 1ppm
Added lim. Plant from main tank
Since nh3 didn't reduce much, did not dose additional nh3
Nitrite increased to 0.25
Did not test nitrate
Replaced 15% water w main tank water to introduce more bacteria
Added half cap stability
Added half thread to 2/3 thread cap of prime
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Added 8 drops of 25% pure ammonia as per calculator to get 3ppm ammonia
Checked nh3 levels after - 3ppm

Added one small light green handle basin full of main tank water to try feed bacteria.
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Quarantine tank set up with spare parts laying around over the years. Makeshift filter made with decommissioned powerhead and takeaway container comprising media. Sand substrate used from cheap pool filter sand. Set up due to recent disease brought upon by introduction of algae shrimp to main planted tank.

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