The guys from Vivid Reef came by today to evaluate my tank and after visually observing the tank and conducting water parameter tests, they concluded the following; 1)Aquascape is too tight. Too many areas where flow is restricted. 2)Power heads need to be readjusted to allow better overall flow. 3) Too much sand. 4)Need more of a CUC. 5) Po4 is too high (0.25). 6) No3 is too high (10). 7) Alk is too low (7) and 8) Ca is too low (380). All water parameter test were conducted using API test kits.

I don't agree with all of this evaluation. For example, I don't agree that Alk and Ca are too low. On the low side yes, but not too low. So I have raised Alk to 10 dkh and Ca to 420-430 ppm. I have however, moved the position of both power heads as suggested and have employed Jin from Vivid Reef to re-aquascape my tank. This process will begin on 6/4, with all the animals (fish and corals) being removed from my tank and will be temporarily housed at the Vivid Reef store. Then, on 6/5, Wed. Jin will begin to re-aquascape the tank. I think he will employ new rock so a cycle will more than likely take place. So, when tank has cycled, all animals will be returned to the tank. Looking forward to the process and I'm very excited.

May 25, 2014 00:00