Not-so-minor spill - Hopefully no-harm-no-foul!
Monday's I fill my RO/DI top-off tank. It's a 29 gallon reservoir in my tank stand. I run a line from my RO unit located in my laundry room to the tank. There is a float that automatically shuts off the valve when the tank is full. I ran errands for a couple of hours while it was filling and when I returned home I discovered that the line had popped out of the float and was dripping steady flow of expensive and very wet water into the base of my cabinet. Strangely, the base seemed to be water tight as no water leaked out. But there was a 2" pool covering lots of electrical things such as the transformers to my 4 Hydra's. Also, the AI Controller was completely submerged. I sopped up as much water as possible with towels (wondering if I or my tank would be electrocuted) and then placed a fan in front of the open doors. Within 2 hours everything was dry. My lights stayed on, but started to dim and then did not sunset according to the programming. I manually turned off the lights. I already had an Apex module on order to control the Hydra's and hopefully it will arrived today.
April 21, 2014 11:20