today I removed the macro algae that I hade in my tank and I am trying to sell it. I received the fitting for my reactor today along with the new food and the fitting is installed and I tried the food and they seemed to like it so far. Today I also put the blue back that I bought and it looks great. I made another order to BRS and I ordered a tube of coral jell and a duel inline tds meter for my ro/di.
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Ok so its ben a while since I have done this so this is what?s new. I have installed a BRS single media reactor running carbon and it has cleared up the tank tremendously and it looks good. I left the lights off for 3 days and nearly all of the slime algae has disappeared so today the light will be on and we will see what happens. I also set up a 1.5g nano with about 2 lbs of live rock, bare bottom, a air powered filter and a led light, it has a small mushroom that I?m trying to grow. It?s an experimental tank so we will see what happens. Today I received a small order from BRS I got some New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Formula to try and a 1/2" male NPT x 1/2" push connect so I can run my reactor off of my return instead of a separate pump. All the fish are doing great eating and appear healthy. My corals are doing great especially my zoas. My green mushrooms look great there are now 3 in the main tank and I in the nano.
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I get the new skimmer yesterday and its all hooked up just need to tune it in now and were ready to rock I also picked up a new maroon clown yesterday along with some AC and ammonia remover to run in media bags in my sumo I also picked up some coral dip and my refractomiter, aqua lifter, and float switch will be here next week so I can put together a ato the tank is coming along nice and the maroon clown ate this morning after only putting him in yesterday afternoon I also started a vide series that will be on my youtube channel and im calling it trevors reef
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So I did my water change last night hopefully it helped maybe a water test before bed but who know I also fixed my Stalkmen standpipe and it is now dead silent and I love it my new aer schould be here tomarow I'm hoping not running one at the moment the old seaclone just wouldent work for me but I guess I have 2 extra pumps not that sure will come in handy
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Tested my water today not realy any changes need a new dam skimmer going to try hanging it on the back of the tank instead of in sump and see what happens need a water change but not sure if I will get to it tonight
View February 2, 2014 18:08
Built my stockman stand pipe today it is quieter but makes a flushing sound every few seconds left the light off in the tank to try to kill the cyno that's growing water test tomarow and hopefully a water change
View February 1, 2014 19:29
Added my new mag 9.5 pump today as my return and it's pumping way more flow then the old one and the new pump schould give me enough flow to branch off and add the 2 reactors I want to get also thinking of gitting a new skimmer and moving my fug from my sump to a hang on back testing the water and a water change comming in a day so hoping to get the perms right so can add a new fish or 2 soon
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The tank perms haven't Ben that great did a 8gal change hopefully that helps going to test tomarow
View January 27, 2014 21:33
Moved the tank to the new place and tested the water amonia and nitrate are high but everything in the tank looks good just going to have to keep working at it I guess calcium was also a little low so I dosed that and I started vodka dosing today to see if that will help hopefully it dose and I don't kill everything in the tank lol
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