Ok so its ben a while since I have done this so this is what?s new. I have installed a BRS single media reactor running carbon and it has cleared up the tank tremendously and it looks good. I left the lights off for 3 days and nearly all of the slime algae has disappeared so today the light will be on and we will see what happens. I also set up a 1.5g nano with about 2 lbs of live rock, bare bottom, a air powered filter and a led light, it has a small mushroom that I?m trying to grow. It?s an experimental tank so we will see what happens. Today I received a small order from BRS I got some New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Formula to try and a 1/2" male NPT x 1/2" push connect so I can run my reactor off of my return instead of a separate pump. All the fish are doing great eating and appear healthy. My corals are doing great especially my zoas. My green mushrooms look great there are now 3 in the main tank and I in the nano.
February 23, 2014 10:22