Increased dosing to 30ml per day.
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Note: Alkalinity consumption increase a bit today (dropped .2 dKh). I increased the Kessil color to 40% (from max of 15%). We'll see if there is any direct effect on the dinos (or whatever it is).

Diatoms or dinoflagellates popped up in our 150g a few days ago. The tank has been up and running for eight months now but it didn't have any corals (tried some test frags a few months back that all died). The tank was started with dry rock (had one or two pieces of live rock from our 75g to seed it) but on Jan 31st, I decided to snatch a couple more rocks from our 75g that also had a couple acroporas that I was willing to sacrifice (main colonies were still in the 75g). After a week, they looked normal. On Feb 7th, I decided to transfer most of the corals from the 75g to this 150g. For the first few days (four I believe), everything appeared normal and the tank was consuming about .3 dKh per day (negligible prior to the corals being added).

For lighting, I run six T5s (B+, ABS, P+, B+, ABS, B+) and four Kessils A360s. The Kessils were running at 25% intensity and 50% color but I changed the intensity and color to peak at 15% around Feb 11th (wish I had documented the change). I started getting some diatoms or dinoflagellates forming on the rocks approx Feb 15th. They die off (for lack of a better term) but return a few hours after lights on.

Lastly, alkalinity consumption dropped significantly when the diatom/dinoflagellates showed up (dosing went from 60ml per day down to 15ml per day). I'll revert the changes to the intensity/color channel on the Kessils and observe. I expect the nutrient levels to continue to rise as things balance out with the increased bio-load so it will likely remain impossible to attribute anything to a single source.

So there are a number of things that happened at once so it's impossible to narrow down a causal factor. The fish load had been low (three small fish for about seven of the months the tank has been up) so the NO3 and PO4 have largely been too low to measure. The tank now has 18 fish and obviously gets fed a lot more. As of Saturday, NO3 was approx 1ppm and PO4 was .006ppm. I also sent in a Triton ICP and N-Doc so it will be interesting to see what is shown there (Triton results typically show about 1/3 of the PO4 my Hanna comes up with so I'm expecting the ICP to show 0).
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Dosing Tropic Marin's Balling 3-part instead of the BRS 2-part I've been using on the 75g.

Also started dosing 3ml of Brightwell Coral Amino daily since nutrients are so low in this tank. With 17 fish and heavy feedings, I'm pretty sure there are plenty of nutrients for the corals but I'm willing to give the aminos a shot for a few months.
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Added two large rocks from the 75g in an attempt to bring some beneficial bacteria to the 150g (and some magic). A couple acroporas and a monti cap were attached to the rocks so we'll see how those do. Also did a little aquascape work.

The hi-fin goby and tiger pistol are MIA (hopefully I didnt kill them). Everyone else looks ok but a few fish did start flashing (ich).

Anthias has a light colored area near the tail fin; I'm not sure what is going on there but it may be a bacterial infection of some sort. Not holding my breath that it is going to survive though it acts likely nothing is wrong at the moment.

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Finally got around to connecting the Kessil controller to the tank. Working great controlling three A360WEs and one A360X simultaneously.
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All of the frags that were added have died. I made a number of adjustments to the lighting and then had the power go out over night and it drop to 69° for an unknown period of time. Think I have the tank where I want it now and I'll add some more frags in the coming week.

Manually dosed 120ml of alkalinity (needs 50 more to bring it up to 8.5 dKh to match the other tank).
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Added some acropora frags to the tank today, they include:

GARF bansai
Unknown pink/white
SCA orange passion
WWC Yellow tip austera
Unknown blue/green ("voodoo")
Strawberry shortcake
Tyree's pink lemonade
ORA Hawkin's blue echinata
Cali tort
Vivid rainbow delight
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