When I was 10 years old my grandma bought my first fish tank. It was a 20 gallon freshwater tank. When my grandma passed six years ago I inherited a very small amount of money. I decide to put this inheritance towards a tank in remembrance of her. When I was shopping for aquariums, the JBJ rimless 45 gallon caught my attention. I managed to find a good deal from someone who was moving out of state. I took the 4 hour road trip and bought my first salt water tank at the age of 38. Having five kids, young kids, I didn’t have time to set it up. It sat empty in my living room for two years. Finally, in April 2019, I gathered some motivation to start this phenomenal hobby. It has brought so much excitement and joy and confusion and knowledge to everyone in my family. I’m now officially a reefer junkie to say the least. Happy reefing reefers!!
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