petesmith ‐ Tank looks very nice.
alvin ‐ Hi, I cant add videos from u-tube, to my videos on aquatic log, keeps saying, Video link must start with http:// or https://.
but the link is fine.
Have u got any idea what's happening.
marcinswatek ‐ I had the same problem. Try to delete letter "s" from your link.
marcinswatek ‐ use http instead https
alvin ‐ just tried both, still no joy, thanks anyway.
alvin ‐ this is the link I'm trying to post.
marcinswatek ‐ I did it
marcinswatek ‐
marcinswatek ‐ for 10 minutes I will remove it
marcinswatek ‐ Its my 1st saltwater aquarium. I made a few mistakes but I'm learning all the time
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