Shut Down ....

I've decided to shut down the anemone tank.

The Nem was transferred to the LFS for potential buyer to peruse. Clowns are there too.

Tank is cleaned and has been put up for sale.
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Anemone Tank ....

The tank is now infested with Dinos again. This started last week after a CyanoRx treatment to clear cyano. From experience, Dinos usually follow after.

Its a really disheartening development, as this is not the first time. Moreover, Dinos is taking hold on the DT.

With a heavy heart, I've decided to sell off the S. gigantea and shut down the tank. Its too difficult to battle Dinos in two tanks. The LFS will look for potential buyers.

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Anemone ....

The red Haddoni died today despite my best efforts. Even after 7 days of Cipro bath.

So very sad.
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Anemone ....

The Haddoni decided to kamikaze into the vortech the evening before i left for a 4 day break interstate!! So stressful and frantic trying to extricate it and change the whole tank of water. The amount of foam, cloudiness and muck floating around.

Its now in a hospital bucket with air stone, daily cipro. So far its had four days of treatment. Its the third time this has happened.

No more vortech!
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Nuisance Algae ....

Cyano Rx did not help much. Started 3 day no tank lights. Majorly of the rocks have been removed.
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Anemone Tank ....

Cyano is back again or perhaps its Dinos. Started rearing its head on Monday.

I've started Kalk and increase the Dr Tims. Cyano Rx today.

Reduced NOPOX to 2ml/d.
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Quarantine Tank ....

I suspect gram negative bacterial for the fish losses. I added and lost a Scopas and Bristle-tooth Tang all within 48 hours, the tank was already dosed with Prazi and CP.

I have broken down the QT. Washed and air dried. All accessories have been disposed.
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Quarantine Tank ....

Well, the current run of QT did not go well. I started with

Vanderbuits chromis,
Richardson chromis
Dispar anthias
Lyretail athias
Coopers anthia
Convict tang
Japonicus tang

I now have only 2 dispar anthias left!. What a disaster! I really can't work out what has gone wrong. I started with CP but experienced fish lost after week 3. Then I started with Prazi (2 rounds each after 72 hours), thinking that flukes are the main problem. After 3 days, more fish deaths! Velvet or others, i don't know.

Its very disappointing and I'm feeling quite despondent. I hate losing fish.
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Quarantine Tank ....

Another trial on the QT.

After the another week of replenishing fish from another LFS. I decided to adopt an 'observe and act' approach. The livestock are Dispars, Coopers, Vanderbulits and one Copperband.

Unfortunately, after 4 days of this, I first notice Vanderbulits dropping off 2 at a time, then the dispars. NH4 are undetectable and NO2 0.01. Lots of rapid breathing, loss of appetite and hiding. I can only surmise that velvet has taken hold as the deaths are so quick.

I started dosing CP and MTZ but it was too late, I only have one Cooper and the Copperband left. Both were treated with FW dip (5 min)and Acriflavin bath (90 mins). Fingers cross they will survive.

I topped up the livestock but the water was pretreated with CP and MTZ.
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Anemone Tank ....

Interesting observation re NO3 level. This has fallen after 3 doses of Dr Tim's Refresh.

Looks like the tank is now nitrate limited. Dosing NO3 now.
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