Tank Shutdown ....

Sad day today ..... :)))

Decided to shut the tank down. The Dinos have beaten me.

Fish are up for sale and the best of the surviving acros and LPS are at the LFS to be rehoused and resold.

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Water Change Station ....

Used PVC glue to try an plug the leak from the RO tank. I assume its on the base .... somewhere.

Glue applied all around the base edge and up the sides. Fingers crossed.

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Nuisance Algae ....

Can’t work out why it’s back again. It looks like Cyano.
Could it be coincidental with the start of NOPOx use or removing rock for aquascaping or the soaking of rocks stuck with StoneFix???
So frustrating.

Started Red Cayno RX this evening, before it gets worse and kills off my Acros.
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Nutrients ....

Too high! I've not monitored this for a few months. Thinking the Pax Bellum could maintain it.
Also removed the sand bed which may(?) have contributed.

Back to adding zeolites and ZB.
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Dinos ....

Not sure if its cyano coming back but I'm trailing Bakers yeast to combat it.

Starting a bit more than the recommended. 1/4 tsp for 400G.
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Acro Tank ....

The acros are looking sad over the last few weeks, due to raised pH (and subsequently Alk), with very dark/non existent colours and burnt tips.

Pulled out all the dead and dying colonies, as a mean to restart.

Decided to refresh the tank by doing 3-4 large water changes every 3rd day. Started last weekend.

Restarted dosing CE black labels and trace last week but now increasing doses.

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Lighting ....

Dinos are well and truely controlled.

Time to increase LEDS white spectrum slowly over the next two weeks.

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Dinos ....

Day 12 of Kalk.

Good sustained result form dosing Kalk in the first week.

Reducing dose today from 60ml/dose to 40ml/dose. As Alk. Is 10.4 dK, the wean will be slow coming down to around 8-8.5 dKH over the next 2 weeks.

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Dastaco ....

Turned of calcium reactor today as Alk is trending up too quickly.
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Dinos ....

Its back again! This will have to be the third time.

It first started with Cyano and now after treating with Red CyanoRx, the population of Dinos have started taking off. Its so disappointing and crushing to the spirit.

I've started the following:

1. Started Kalk again, and turned down the DaStaCo, to increase pH aiming for 8.6
2. Changed the Lighting - Stopping Halides and T5s (AquaBlue Coral). T5 on Blue Plus and LEDs are now on blue and actinic.
3. Stopping dosing of all additives, including NOPOX. Continuing with ZB, BM, CC, CS and ZZ. Reducing Coral food. Increasing dosing of PO4 and NO3.
4. Dosing Dr Tim's re-fresh and Waste-away
5. Skimming wet
6.. Daily blasting of Dinos

I'm still contemplating shutting the tank down and selling off all the corals. Sigh.
No fire in the belly left.
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