RSM 250 Mixed Reef

Palmdale, CA
Volume 60 Gallons
Make Red Sea Max
Model 250


Since I was younger I have always been fascinated with fish tanks in general. As a kid I had a freshwater tank and kept various fish in there for a couple of years until I finally moved out of my parents' house at 18. I ended up giving up the hobby and getting rid of all my fish in the tank after I enlisted into the military. As the years went by, I started to become intrigued with saltwater tanks specifically colorful fish and corals that were being kept in tanks that I would see throughout the country. In 2010 I finally broke down and got my first saltwater fish tank. I knew absolutely nothing about saltwater tanks other than some things that I read online. I ended up going the easy route and getting a Red Sea Max 250 since it is a plug-and-play system it was generally easy to start up for a beginner in saltwater tanks. As soon as I started up the tank the only thing that I really knew was going to happen was that it was going to cycle. I knew nothing about how to keep alkalinity, calcium and magnesium all in line and the importance of it. I have to say I learned the hard way that patience is a must with a saltwater aquarium and the extreme importance of having the water parameters in line with what is required for corals and saltwater fish. 4 years later my tank is thriving and I am consistently adding new corals and fish over the course of time. My goal is to get a bigger tank around 180 gallon range... once I move into a bigger house!


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Red Sea Reef Spec 36" 39W T5HO Fluorescent Bulb - Actinic 22000K (QTY: 3)
Red Sea Reef Spec 36" 39W T5HO Fluorescent Bulb - Blue/White 15000K (QTY: 2)
Red Sea Reef Spec 36" 39W T5HO Fluorescent Bulb - Pink (QTY: 1)




11 Fish

Blackmouth Bicolor Chromis Neoglyphidodon nigroris
Blue Streak Cardinal Apogon margaritophorus
3 Blue/Green Reef Chromis Chromis viridis
3 Lemon Chromis Pomacentrus moluccensis
Ocellaris Clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris
Six Line Wrasse Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
Two Spot Bristletooth Tang Ctenochaetus binotatus

15 Corals

Aussie Stylophora Coral Stylophora pistillata
Aussie Worm Brain Coral Platygyra lamellina
Bushy Acropora Coral Bali sp sp
Colony Polyp Fire and Ice Zoanthus sp
Green Striped Mushroom Actinodiscus sp.
Reverse Superman Montipora Coral Montipora monasteriata
Short Tentacle Plate Coral Indonesia Cycloseris tenuis
Starburst Polyp Briareum sp.
Symphyllia Brain Coral Indonesia Symphyllia radians
TCN Fire Echinopora Coral echinopora lamellosa
Trumpet Coral Caulastrea curvata
Trumpet Coral Caulastrea curvata

69 Invertebrate

36 Blue Legged Hermit Crab Clibanarius tricolor
Derasa Clam Tridacna derasa
3 Emerald Crab Mithraculus sculptus
10 Mexican Turbo Snail Turbo fluctuosa
Sally Lightfoot Crab Percnon gibbesi
Sand Sifting Sea Star Astropecten polycanthus
15 Scarlet Reef Hermit Crab Paguristes cadenati
Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Lysmata amboinensis



Red Sea Reef Energy A Supplement (Carb Nutrition)
Red Sea Reef Energy B Supplement (Aminovit Nutrition)
Seachem Reef Fusion Two Part System 1 & 2 Calcium and Carbonate Supplement
Kent Marine PhytoMax Phytoplankton (1 drop every other day)
Kent Marine Essential Elements (6 ml every 14 days)
Kent Marine Super Iodide (6 ml every 7 days)
Seachem Laboratories Reef Advantage Strontium (2 tsp every 4 days)
Brightwell Aquatics Vitamarin-C Vitamin C Supplement (15 ml every 7 days)
Seachem Reef Kalkwasser (dosing for pH adjustment)

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Cobalt Aquatics Brine Shrimp Flakes · Selcon · Rod's Food Original Blend
Feed mostly frozen mysis/brine combination with Selcon and Garlic Xtreme. Flake food is used to supplement normal regimen.

On average you perform a 7.6% water change every 8 days.

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Disasters & Regrets

PATIENCE!!!!!!! If my alkalinity or calcium was out of range I would want to dose everything at once to make it skyrocket to where the parameters needed to be. It was hard to get used to dosing day-by-day to get to the goal range for alkalinity/calcium - but I have learned NOT to dose all at once. It is beneficial for no one!
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  • Trumpet Coral / Caulastrea curvata