Everything has been transferred to the new tank. This guy is officially retired!
View June 13, 2015 17:06
Well I am slowly starting my tear down to transfer everything in to the new tank. Just went and got some buckets for the live rock and to store the fish/coral in to acclimate them.
View June 12, 2015 20:05
Moving the fish tank today to another spot! Making room for the new Red Sea REEFER 450 coming in next week.
View May 2, 2015 12:20
Tuxedo urchin has died.
View May 1, 2015 19:40
Blue tuxedo urchin is not doing good. Hasn't moved since acclimating it.
View April 29, 2015 22:23
Added 10 Mexican turbo snails and a blue tuxedo urchin today!
View April 28, 2015 20:13
Shrimp got a new shell again!
View March 27, 2015 14:06
I removed by toadstool today :( It was WAY too big and starting to restrict flow in my tank. I had to cut it from 6 different rocks it attached itself too and it literally weighed 50 pounds. I had to add 1.5 gallons of water back into the tank from pulling the coral out!
View March 24, 2015 22:02
Eheim 1260 return pump went out. Replaced with Eheim 1260 pump today
View March 22, 2015 13:26
My Aussie Bottlebrush Acropora Coral has bleached out bad after coming back from vacation. I must say, the TCN Fire Echinopora Coral has made a comeback and is doing great now.
View January 17, 2015 14:08