My new TCN Fire Echinopora Coral is bleaching out pretty bad. Pic is below. The other coral that was introduced at the same time is doing alright though. Will monitor!
View January 3, 2015 20:18
New corals are continuing to bleach and my older corals are not doing great either. Water parameters are fine and I will continue to monitor.
View January 1, 2015 21:51
Noticed some bleaching on the new corals. It is to be expected.... will monitor closely.
View December 31, 2014 12:00
New Corals just arrived. Acclimating them now!
View December 30, 2014 13:50
Started using new Red Sea Pro Test Kits of KH/Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium
View December 30, 2014 12:47
Ordered 2 new corals. TCN Fire Echinopora Coral and Aussie Bottlebrush Acropora Coral
View December 25, 2014 17:02
Tank seems to be doing a lot better after changing the RO/DI filters and TFC membrane! Been doing random 5 gal water changes to flush out the aquarium without any drastic changes.
View December 25, 2014 17:01
Since changing my TFC membrane and RO/DI filters the tank is starting to turn back around!
View December 22, 2014 18:23
Replaced O-ring on the Eheim 1260 Pump. I broke a fitting on my chiller when tightening the clamps :( now need to find where the heck to get the fittings.
View December 21, 2014 19:33
Well in the middle of trying to calibrate my new probes, I did a INIT Memory and didn't have any config files backed up for my APEX. Long story short, everything is GONE!!! gah
View December 17, 2014 19:02