22 Fish

4 inch clam dessera sp sp
Christmas tree Wrasse sp sp
Hammer coral sp sp
Lemon peel angle sp sp
2 Lighting bold clowns sp sp
Moon Wrasse sp sp
Mylar wrasse sp sp
Powder brown tang sp sp
Purple tang sp sp
10 Various damsels sp sp
2 Yellow tang sp sp

2 Corals

Duncan coral sp sp
Torch coral sp sp

22 Invertebrate

Carpet anemone sp sp
Clam maxium sp sp
20 Red and blue hermit crabs Hermit crabs


Added elk the older and calcium filter
Reef crystal sea salt
Cal and alk part one and two

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Cal · Alk · Edit calcium supplements and alkaline substitute

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Brine shrimp · Silversides · Cocoa pods · Oyster feast · Oaster eggs · Feeding of nrine sheimp and coco pods · Brine ahrimp · Sheet of nori · Brine sheimp coconpods and roids · Perium flake food formula 2

On average you perform a 10% water change every 5 days.

0% total water change in August.

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Started treatment for ick lowered salinity to 1.016 bumped temp up 89 degrees and add d an vu sterlizer
Cleaned glass and protein skimmer and stored sand bed
Had a leaking hose lost about 15 talons of water on the floor what a mess.made more ro/ od water to mix a new batch of salt to refill tank lost my powder blue tang over this big mess
Did water test tested for ph cal for ammonia phosphate nitrate and nitrite
Cleaned glass and protein skimmer.did a water change
In late maintenance day didn’t like cleaning them glass also of the protein skimmer sludge cup and sponge clean gravel

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