Added phosguard, 4 tablespoons
View September 19, 2012 21:46
Tank seems to have stabilized slightly, however, 0 nitrates and trace phosphate leads me to believe that something is not right. Will keep an eye on phosphate and research options.
View August 20, 2012 18:41
Blue Snowflake kept falling from lower location in tank, moved and glued to higher rock. Has not fully opened in 2 days. May need to adjust slower.
View July 18, 2012 18:04
Returned home to an overall healthy system. Need to add a skimmer, top is covered in a film. Nitrate 20 ppm.
View July 15, 2012 21:02
Gsp fully open.
View June 27, 2012 20:21
Return home from work Day after water change, GSP still not opening. Nitraet down to 5-10ppm.
View June 21, 2012 17:00
Replacing Chemi-Pure Elite after high Nitrate of 40ppm tested 6/17/12 and small particles floating in water.
View June 18, 2012 19:59
Added Chaeto on reverse light cycle on 6/14. No marked improvement with Nitrate as of 6/16.
View June 16, 2012 07:12