Red Sea Max 260






45 Fish

24k Lepto Coral sp
4 color watermelon Chalice sp
ARC Berry Nasuta SPS sp
AV99’s orange crush acro SPS
6 Blue Diamond zoas Zoa sp
Bluegold acro SPS sp
Bluewhite branched acro SPS sp
Candy striper Acan LPS sp
Daisy Cutter Zoa sp
Flame hawk Fish sp
3 Fruit Loops Zoanthid Zoa sp
Hammer Coral Euphyllia sp
Lubbock’s Fairy Wrasse Fish sp
McCosker’s Flasher Wrasse Fish sp
4 Micky D’s zoas Zoa sp
Mummy eye Chalice sp
OG Mia’s pot-o-gold favia Favia sp
Orange back fairy wrasse Fish sp
Paletta tricolor SPS sp
2 Purple Monster Zoas Zoa sp
Rainford gobyCourt Jester Fish sp
3 Rasta zoa’s! Zoa sp
Squaretail Bristletooth Tang sp sp
War coral Favites sp

102 Corals

ARC Master Yoda Acropora sp
ARC pink phantom SPS
All White Acro Acro sp
Avatar Chalice LPS sp
Beach Bum Monti SPS sp
Bennet Yellow Tort SPS Acro
3 Bicolor branching hammer LPS sp
Blasto Wellsi LPS sp
6 Blasto merletti LPS sp
Bling bling cyphastrea sp sp
5 Blow Pop Zoa sp
Blue Goni LPS sp
Blue and green frogspawn Euphyllia yer beakin my heart
Blueberry Fields Leptastrea LPS sp
Blues Clues Torch LPS sp
Burning banana stylo sp sp
2 Cornbread Rockstar Zoa sp
Cotton Candy Torch sp sp
3 Frozen Hornet Zoa Zoanthid sp
Fruity Pebbles Monti SPS sp
Green Indo Torch sp sp
Green Milli SPS Acro
Hellfire Torch sp sp
JF Fox Flame SPS
Jason Fox Gadgets Exquisita Acro SPS Acro
Jason Fox Jack o Lantern Lepto SPS sp
Jason Fox PC Rainbow SPS Acro
Lemon lime favites LPS sp
Metallic Green Lepto SPS sp
Mystic Montipora SPS sp
4 Orange Bam Bam zoas Zoa sp
2 Orange Oxide Zoa Zoa sp
2 Orange Ricordia Shroom sp
Paletta Pink Tip SPS Acro
Pink Cap Monti SPS sp
Pink and green frogspawn sp sp
Purple Heart Zoa’s Zoas sp
Rainbow hornet Zoa Zoanthid sp
Reptar cyphastrea LPS sp
Sherbert chalice LPS sp
2 Silver Hammer LPS sp
Sunrise Montipora SPS sp
Superman Digitata Montipora sp
TCK Blue tenuis Acropora sp
TCK King Acro SPS
TCK Orange Milli Acropora sp
TCK Pikachu Acropora sp
Techno Cyphastrea SPS sp
Top Banana Cyphastrea SPS sp
Tyree Ponape Birdsnest SPS sp
Tyree Superman Chalice SPS sp
UC Strawberry Shortcake SPS Acro
Valentine cyphastrea sp sp
Voodoo Majick Acro SPS Acro
Walt Disney Acropora sp
4 Whammin watermelon zoas Zoa sp

3 Invertebrate

Pod Chest Plastic sp
Royal Urchin aka Blue Tuxedo Invert sp

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