Green pocillopora half dead. I think it is predation from bubble coral. Pocillopora moved to another spot.
View June 21, 2019 17:04
Nitrates are going up, hard to them keep down without sump and protein skimmer. I am selling my pyjama cardinalfishes. Hopefully nitrates will be going down. Only fish that will stay is a goby, although i could add a lawnmoyer blenny.
View April 10, 2019 13:22
Moved the Miyagi tort near center from rear.
View February 24, 2019 13:38
Lots of algae on the glass, bulb algae valonia macrophysa, turf algae appearing. PO4 is at zero. RW was added 4 weeks ago, now at 10 hours a day. Both MW at 12 hours a day.
View October 29, 2018 17:59
The bulb algae seem to be Valonia macrophysa, which is dark green and does get more than 1/2 inch tall from the information i have. After 10 days it goes not grow or spread quickly.
View October 17, 2018 14:26
4-5 valonia algae appeared. Thorned on if i should remove or keep them, for now i keep them. I may regret it later, but i like risks, being on the edge.

Looks like the smaller dark green species, Valonia Macrophysa
View October 8, 2018 16:59
Devil's hand shriveled and greenish.
Second Kenya tree shriveled since 3 days, but the other one is now fully extended.
View August 24, 2018 17:57
August 7th : kenya tree shriveled and blue
View August 9, 2018 14:37
First diatom signs.
View June 14, 2018 11:19
The 2 Aquabeam 600 MW are installed now, 6 hours per day for now, will upgrade slowly to 8 hours and more probably.
View May 30, 2018 16:51