Percula and ocellaris, FTS to come as I'm waiting for new lighting system
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  • Percula and ocellaris, FTS to come as I'm waiting for new lighting system
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d2mini ‐ Nice pic. What is the red stuff? And what lighting system are you getting?
mickeymouse ‐ The red stuff is simply a false but realustic seafan. As it's a FOWLR, I have some not reef-safe fish, so I don't put live corals in the tank, but only live rock is boring, I've found some realistic and colorful false corals to give a nice look to the decor.
Th picture was taken when 250w metal halides were on, but I removed them andI will put a DIY led lighting, much less expensive in electricity, and I don't need metal halide without corals.
d2mini ‐ Cool! Good move on the lighting. Post pics when you're done! :)
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