All three new inhabitants are looking vastly improved this morning. Red-shoulder still showing some symptoms of fin rot, mainly in tail area, but is eating well and visible feathering of fins is appreciably decreased.

Picked up 4oz bottle of pure Tea Tree Oil at local natural foods & supplements shop. Will continue dosing that as necessary.
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Moved green severum, red-shoulder severum, and gold saum into main tank this evening as soon as I got home from work. Water quality in the hospital tank had deteriorated significantly during the day, probably due to overcrowding and rapidly disintegrating pellet food (and only a sponge filter to clean it up). Saum immediately started eating and appeared to acclimatize rapidly. Green severum also settled in fairly rapidly, although showed light signs of fin rot due to water quality in quarantine. Red shoulder was most severely affected by fin rot, which I had not even noticed last night due to low light conditions (although last night it seemed to be moving around and eating relatively vigorously).

Decided to dose what little Melafix I had on hand to ease the transition. Water quality in the main tank is vastly cleaner despite having been relatively unchanged in the last 6 days due to treating with Nox-Ich. This, combined with the already present malachite green, and a light dosage of Melafix, should perk up the red-shoulder pretty rapidly if it is going to. Will check in tomorrow morning and see how it's doing.

I'm going to add additional Melafix tomorrow, and then restart the RO water drip on Sunday evening.

In good news, I couldn't find any ich cysts tonight. This seems to have been completely cured at this point.
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Gave the second half-dose of malachite green this morning at 9am. Noticeably fewer cysts on the fish today.
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Came home last night and noticed that the Severums, most of the Geos, a few of the Acaras, and one or two of the Corys have Ich. It's low-grade at this point, only a dozen or two cysts per fish.

Picked up a bottle of Nox-Ich (malachite green) and dosed approx. 1/2 the recommended dose due to the tetras and corys. Will deliver the remaining 1/2 dose tomorrow.

Began increasing temp. Set controller for 84 F. Turned off RO drip and closed overflow valve.

According to a study posted on, malachite green, when dosed daily at 1mg/L (which seems quite high), eliminated ich entirely with 0 fish mortality.

Another study concluded that the mortality rate against ich could be nearly eliminated through the use of UV sterilization alone.
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Restarted RO drip.
View April 1, 2018 08:30
Stopped RO drip. Runtime approx. 338 hours.
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Added a new German Blue Ram female, to hopefully round out the twin pairs. Almost immediately after being introduced to the tank, one of the males went over to her and stayed close. I spotted them paired off later on too. I think this bodes well.
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Noticed this morning that the Geos were getting pretty aggressive with each other. Lots of chasing and nipping. Decided to thin the herd a little bit, to make room for the eventual additions of a pair of chocolate cichlids and possibly a Jack Dempsey.

Gifted a pair of Geophagus abalios, and a pair of electric blue acara, to Ryan Moomee in Green.
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Rams have appeared to settle down a bit. Put a mesh sieve in front of the overflow to hopefully prevent such a strong outflow that would trap the weaker Ram (which turned out to be the female, unfortunately). So far hopeful for a gentle introduction.
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Introduced Rams to open water in tank. All three immediately moved to cover, but were pretty stressed by the presence of the other fish. One got sucked against the overflow immediately (believe it was the smaller male). Turned off the FX6, and he appeared to be swimming normally still. Also turned off the Finnex light to hopefully settle them down a little.
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