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Age 10 months, 6 days
Started March 11, 2018
Official Volume 350 Liters
Actual Volume 370 Liters
Dimensions 4'' x 2'' x 2''

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kanealii ‐ How do you like the gyre? Which version?
moono ‐ At Kanealii I?ve now sold my gyre & bought 2x mp40qd, they are awesome buddy.

At drum I bought my lid from an awesome guy called Mark, he runs a company called ReefTops, here?s his fb page for you to chat to. https://m.facebook.com/ReefTops/?locale2=en_GB


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17 Fish

Algea blenny sp sp
3 Anthias sp sp
7 Azure blue sp sp
2 Black ice clowns sp sp
Labouton wrasse sp sp
Lepoard wrasse sp sp
Png wrasse sp sp
Yellow tang sp sp