Day 2 - Bubble Scrubbing. 20th Dec. 3 hours of bubble scrubbing from 23.00. Bicolor angel somewhat stressed and now being hassled by the coral beauty. Did. Ot eat in the morning. No signs of diesease. Will monitor till night before decided to continue with bubble scrubbing on the 3rd night
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Day 2 -
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7.2 grams of continuum magnesium increases 10 ppm magnesium
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Day 1 - Bubble scrubbing 3 hrs from 23.30 after cleaner shrimp shed skin.

Some of the fish were scared and hid in the rock whilst testing the nano bubbles at around 20.00

All fish were fed well. Leopard eating from sand bed. Leopard wrasse out and about around 18.00 before disapearing in the sand
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Used Aiptasia X on around 10 aiptasia on far right back rock infested with aiptasia. No visible aiptasia to be seen following treatment
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