Trimmed a lot of plants yesterday to clean things up and get flow going in the tank. The fish survived ok but might've lost a shrimp or two?
View August 7, 2015 00:38
Might've lost another shrimp :(. Did a water change. Will do water test later today.
View June 14, 2015 10:45
Just got back from a business trip and discovered one of my shrimps died ?? RIP lil buddy ??
View June 10, 2015 00:37
Yesterday I found some mysterious egg looking things. I scooped them into a net and left them in the aquarium. I suspect they are shrimp eggs that a mom shrimp dropped????
View June 4, 2015 18:56
Two lambchop rasboras went missing and I have no idea where since I never found their bodies??? Maybe the shrimp are too good at clean up. The last two lambchops were so scared and lonely that I went ahead and got another 4. They are now in a six-pack!

Also bought an interesting squeegee algae scraper since my shrimp are more interested in scavenging fish food than the algae on the glass.

Might consider decreasing the airpump flow so it's easier for them to stay up on the glass without swimming like crazy.

View May 25, 2015 20:38
Lambchop rasboras have definitely been eating up the free floating detritus worms :D
View May 18, 2015 19:26
Squeezed out the grossness from my filter floss. I think I have a lot of detritus worms in my substrate so I'll be more conservative with feeding. Keeping fingers crossed that they're not planaria ????!

All inhabitants look happy otherwise!

Pulled out most of the M. terenum cause of melt. Stargrass looks like it is doing fine!
View April 26, 2015 16:16
I dropped in Omega One Shrimp and Lobster pellets and both Frere and Jacques went nuts immediately and each swam upwards and caught a pellet for themselves! So funny! Now they're both hiding and eating their respective pellets in peace ??
View April 18, 2015 11:43
My M. terenum keeps cycling through melt and regrowth and now it's melting back realllllyy bad! Might just pull it out of my tank later tonight because it's making my tank dirty and I don't want ammonia to spike :(. Too bad because it looked great when it was growing. Not sure why it's melting back now.
View April 17, 2015 21:54
Jacques looks very white compared to Frere :( I hope that it is getting ready to or just molted. If it is sick it will be so sad :(.
View April 12, 2015 01:15