Algea is backing off and parameters have stabilised. No3Po4-X dosing is keeping nitrates at 1ppm and phosphates at .03 ppm with daily rate of 0.8ml. Corals are extended and healthy looking. Water is clear and flow is good.
View November 1, 2013 23:51
Performed water change to lower alkalinity. Reduced from 10dkh to 8.6dkh. dosed calcium chloride to raise calcium from 380ppm to 430ppm.
View September 20, 2013 09:04
Flowerpot Coral has retreated. only change was adjusting calcium from 380ppm to 430ppm. It was maybe too big of a change all at once. I will keep an eye on it.
View September 20, 2013 00:24
Received the Ecotech Coral Glue today, so glued the torch's and hammer in place. Also reattached a Zoa that a conch had loosened. Calcium has come down to 400, will be looking at a dosing pump after the new light is purchased. Nitrates has showed up(Yay)so cycle has progressed. Turbo snails seem to be a bit more active on the Diatoms and the Blenny is loving them also
View September 19, 2013 08:33
Looks like some diatoms forming on rocks, Nitrates are not reading yet, ammonia is showing about .25, and phosphates are 0ppm. All Corals are open and extended and fish have healthy appetite and no signs of stress. Alkalinity is still high (10dkh with API) with Salinity reading low (32ppt). Still waiting on Salifert Alkalinity and calcium test kits that should arrive tomorrow.
View September 18, 2013 21:25