Saltwater Aquarium - Mixed Reef Tank

East Coast USA
Volume 105 Gallons
Dimensions 48'' x 18'' x 20''
Make 75 Gallon Deep Blue Edge
Model Rimless Starfire Glass 3 sides with Center Overflow
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All 3 main types of filtration are utilized:


several marine pure blocks, heavy 1:1 ratio of Fiji rocks to water volume
skimmer & carbon (considered so/so mechanical )

for ammonia | NH3 - Aquaforest® ZeoMix Zeolite Blend 2L in Zeovit reactor
for Nitrates - water change, Nopox or 1/8 tsp sugar + 5-25ml vinegar in kalkwasser solution
for Phosopates - Seachem Phosguard, occasional GFO Seachem PhosNet or Rowaphos


running 4 Kessil a360we... just recently 4th

Time Color Intensity
13:00 10% 50%
17:00 40% 50%
18:00 60% 55%
19:30 70% 55%
20:25 50% 50%
22:00 0% 0%

Lighting System has been one of my fixed variables like using the same salt mix from the beginning I've only changed the lighting schedule handful of times

The most recent change was reducing the intensity while increasing the color percentage.

The first change was decreasing the photoperiod from 12hours down to current 10 hours now 9hours

The lights are 7-8 inches above the surface and spaced 11-12 inches apart.

All three are daisy chained into Kessil's Spectral Controller. Depending on Kessil's future controller updates considering a switch to Neptune Systems Apex Variable Speed/Dimming Module (VDM) for lighting control.


Tunze Storm Mode

2x 6095s
2x 6055s

DC Tunze return pump




Some of the outstanding inhabitants I was unsuccesfully but I'm about half to my Goal of obtaining the following 21 fish on this stocking list either for current reef tank or an upgrade:
2x Banggai Cardinalfish
✓1x Coral Beauty Angelfish
✓1x Flame Angelfish
✓1x Flameback Angelfish
1x Fourline wrasse
1x Lemonpeel Angelfish
1x Multibar Angelfish
✓1x Ocellaris Clown Fish
✓1x Purple Dottyback
1x Purple Stripe Dottyback
✓3 Red Spot Glass Cardinalfish
✓1x Royal Gramma Basslet
✓2x Snowflake Clown Fish

✓Cerith Snails
✓Nassarius Snails
✓Astraea Turbo Snails
✓Banded Trochus Snails
✓2xTiger Fighting Conchs
✓1x Fighting Conch

✓Blue Legged Hermit Crabs

✓Green Finger Algae
✓Smooth Leaf Kelp

Red Sea Star
Fan Worms
2x Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimps
Rose Bulb Anemone
Arrow Crab
Emerald Crab
Goby with Red Banded Pistol Shrimp
Derasa Clam

21 Fish

Coral Beauty Angelfish Centropyge bispinosa
Flame Angelfish Centropyge loriculus
Flameback Angelfish (African) Centropyge acanthops
Ocellaris Clown Fish Amphiprion ocellaris
Purple Dottyback Pseudochromis porphyreus
2 Snowflake Clown Fish Amphiprion ocellaris
Wish List - Fourline wrasse Psudeocheilinus tetrataenia
Wish List - Lemonpeel Angelfish Centropyge flavissima
Wish List - MultiBar Angel Paracentropyge multifasciata
3 Wish List - Yellow Line Goby Elacatinus figaro
Yellow Tang Zebrasoma flavescens


15 gallon Aqueon Aquarium Container
FSZ Zeolite Magnet Floating Reactor
10 gallon Aqueon Aquarium Container
Tunze 7000 Controller <6095s>
2 Tunze 7092
Brightwell Aquatics Marine Snow
Polyp Lab Coral View Lens
Tunze 5000.020 Replacement Pump
Tunze CalRx 3171
Trigger Systems 5gal ATO
Trigger Systems Crystal ATO 5 gallon
Tunze glass pH Electrode 7070.11
Bulk Reef Supply Kalkwasser
2 Red Sea Mg
Red Sea Reef Colors A|B|C|D
Duracell Ultra 12v Rechargeable SLA Battery
2 Eheim Automatic Feeder <Everyday>
Santa Monica Algae Scrubber
Tunze Safety Connector
lean towards enhanced coloration parameters with moderate growth as a backseat driver

Temp range 79.5 to 80.5F
salinity 35 ppt 1.025 S.G.
pH = above 8.0 but less than 8.35

Mg -1310 to 1350 ppm (sometimes as high as 1400)
dKH target 8ish but less than 9dKH with a baseline from Red Sea Salt blue bucket 7.7-8.2dKH
Ca 420 to 450

NH3 0.02ppm

No3 less than 1.00ppm
Po4 0.25 to 0.50 ppm

K 380 to 450



Feeding See more

San Francisco Bay Brand - Spirulina · San Francisco Bay Brand - Mysis Shrimp · San Francisco Bay Brand - Brine Shrimp · POLYPLAB Polyp-Booster · New Life Spectrum · Polyp Lab's Reef-Roids · Skip Feeding Day · New Life Spectrum & Selcon · spirulina fish food · Red Sea Reef Energy A · Red Sea Reef Energy B · Freezed Dried Bloodworms · NLS Sm Pellet .5mm · Red Sea Coral Colors ABCD · San Fran Bay Brand - Mysis Shrimp · San Fran Bay Brand - Brine Shrimp
1 to 2 frozen cubes per day soaked in Garlic for the current 11 reef safe fish

Spot feed via a Turkey baster the Orange Plate Coral and smaller Duncan's corals when I notice the Sun Coral decided to open usually with Mysis or Brine Shrimp thawed/soaked in the latest magical potion

Broadcast feed with return pump/skimmer off at least once sometimes twice every 10 days or so

Pump the Zeovit reactor once on alternating days in the evenings before lights out



On average you perform a 22.2% water change every 45 days.

0% total water change in February.

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1:25am; 78.5F and 8.17pH DT ( ) 8:45am; 78.5F and 8.27pH DT ( ) 7pm; 78.5 and 8.35pH DT ( ) Fed Cyclops ( ) Fed Coral Cuisine ( ) Fed Marine Cuisine ( ) Fed Reef Plankton ( ) Refilled ATO container
8:45am; 78.7F and 8.26pH ( ). 10:45am; Tested alkalinity at 7dKH ( ) Lights On ( ) Skimmer Off ( ) 2nd Refugium Light Off ( ) 2pm; Tested alkalinity at 8.4dKH ( ) 3:15pm Tested alkalinity at 8.4dKH co
1:20pm LIGHTS ON ( ) 1:30pm; 78.7F and 8.30pH DT ( ) 2pm; Skimmer OFF ( ) 2:30pm; Secondary refugium light turn OFF ( ) 5pm; Tested NO3 and PO4 ( ) Nitrates tested at between 1-2ppm ( ) Phosphates tes
7am; 78.5F and 8.20pH DT ( ) 1:20pm; Photo-Period begins ( ) 78.2F and 8.21pH DT ( ) Tunze 6095s interval mode ( ) Skimmer OFF at 2pm ( ) Clean skimmer cup ( ) 3:45pm; Fed Cyclops ( ) 5:45pm; Fed Re
8:36 am; 78.5F and 8.2pH DT ( ) 1:20pm Lights ON ( ) 2pm; Tested Mg at 1400; over shooting my target range of 1260 thru 1380 ( ) Tested Calcium at 400ppm ( ) Tested alkalinity at 8.1dKH ( ) Dosed 20gr
9:30am; 78.5F and 8.29pH DT ( ) Fed Cyclops ( ) Fed another frozen cube ( ) 7:15pm; 78.2F and 8.11pH DT ( ) 9pm; tested Mg at 1200 ( ) Dosed 20grams 1of6 Red Sea Reef Foundation-C into highflown area
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Inspiration & Goals


Words of Wisdom

Measure twice order once.

I personally would never order every single piece of equipment all at once in one massive order even if I know I could and although it feels awesome when the delivery folks roll up... it the quickest way to lose the upper hand as a consumer.

Patience | Patience | Patience

Disasters & Regrets

Wishing I had gone with the next size up but glad I did choose a rimless tank.

No matter what your budget this hobby will grab/demand more either due to a mistake or equipment issues or like in my case adding too many fish too fast.

I seen folks literally build their house around aquarium with all the latest and greatest equipment begin to stock it with corals and fish then proceed drive the system of a cliff.

I read about folks thinking surely 10K is plenty for a really nice system with above average equipment then wonder how there's only 1K remaining in the budget and they still have to fill the glass box up with RO/DI water.

This hobby is crazy like that but sooooooo much more enjoyable if you can hang in there for the long-run.

I already had patience before entering this hobby so I mostly developed my timing which connects back to patience and the understanding of the integration and isolating of variables as there are multi-layers to running a marine aquarium.

Similar to playing three dimensional chess game where chess pieces can move up and down from level to level, as well as, make traditional chess moves. Reef-keeping is a challenging however it can be as complex or simple as you want it to be.