Nitrates high. 1.0ppm
Purchased another batch of cheatomorpha. Not having much luck with the stuff. Possible flow problem.
Added a small fountain pump to the refugium to create more flow for cheatomorpha.
3 day blackout, now on day 3.
Cyano bacteria outbreak in the last week. Definitely a flow problem.
Dosed tank with Chemi Clean to get rid of cyano.
Purchased another air pump for better aeration while using Chemi Clean.
Waiting on Icecap Gyre pump from Amazon to help with flow.
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Purchased copepod culture pack from Canada Copepods. Awesome service and next day delivery. 3 bottles of copepod/rotifers, and one bottle of high concentration phytoplankton. I'm going to start culturing my own and maybe sell to other reefers in my area. LFS does not carry either one.
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Woke up to cyano bacteria and diatoms. Not sure what is going on. Not over feeding, nitrates, and phosphates are 0. Could be a flow problem. Maybe time for 3-4 day blackout.
Purchased and installed a ChaetoMax Refugium light.

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Replaced Seneye Slide after waiting so long for replacement. Finally able to get reading on Temp Ammonia and pH.
One of my powerheads making noise. Will have to investigate.
Return pump not producing enough flow even though wide open.
Considering 3 day blackout to help get rid of green hair algae. Also looking at purchasing a Fox Face to help out with algae.

Cleaned up as much hair algae as I could.
Cleaned all the crap out of my overflow.
The powerhead was all gummed up, so soaked in vinegar. All good now.
5 gallon water change.
Fox face was sold at LFS.
Considdering purchasing a strip light similar to reefbrite.
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