Tropical Commity 270

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I use LED, I need to replace the lights for newer ones soon.

Light schedule is set to 12:30-19:20




10 Fish

8 Black Phantom Tetra Hyphessobrycon Megalopterus
Pearl Gourami Trichopodus leerii
Red Phantom Tetra Hyphessobrycon Sweglesi


Feeding schedule-
Monday- Pellets
Tuesday- Flakes
Wednesday- Pellets in morning Blanched cucumber at night
Thursday- Mix of frozen daphina & bloodworms
Friday- Peas
Saturday- No food
Sunday- Pellets in morning, Mix of cyclopse and mosquito larvae at night

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Disasters & Regrets

Regret buying a tall aquarium, as a short person its tough to maintain without getting my entire arm in the tank.

I also would have picked a different wood, If I had chosen manzenita instead It would have made more use of the space in the tank and given me more options to place plants in different levels of the tank.

Another regret would be my stock, Rather than going with gouramis, tall bodied fish would have been a better use of space