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  • Masked Swallowtail Angelfish / Genicanthus semifasciatus
Two females in hope one will change sex. Male is too expensive!
dtum ‐ C'mon! You've added those to your tank as well? :D Steve just got them.
How do like them so far?
notclear ‐ They are very nice looking and eating almost everything I throw in the tank.
dtum ‐ Sea-u-marine?
notclear ‐ No. Got them from Kraken's Reef.
reefrouteaquatics 2 years
carlonaz 5 years
igor 6 years
utopianreef 6 years
dtum 6 years
ventino 6 years
adammahne 6 years
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Genicanthus semifasciatus - September 1, 2015