Had a cyano outbreak. Scrubbed the rock and have been changing lower head positions daily. Also the clownfish got sick. Pulled them into quarantine. The extreme davinci died during metro treatment for intestinal parasites. White spots also appeared on both clowns. Both had a freshwater dip but no trophizoites seen falling off of them, suspect Ich. Started copper treatment with ionic copper sulfate yesterday (cuprion). Going to slowly raise copper levels over 1 week to therapeutic level then treat for 30 days at that level before reintroduction to the tank
View July 23, 2020 14:22
Came back from a long weekend and noticed a diatom bloom. I readjusted my powerheads, did a 20 gal water change and siphoned the sand while doing the water change. Noticed some algae growth as well. Cleaned the glass and will keep skimmer and GFO reactor on.
View June 8, 2020 00:55
Added live sand to refugium in sump, started another sand storm in both display and sump tank. Came home from work 12 hours later and clarity almost back to normal, but definite film has covered display tank glass, powerheads, and most surfaces.
View May 20, 2020 04:24
Added 135 gallons reef water-90 to display and 45 to sump after live rock and sand added
View May 14, 2020 21:43
Cleaned old live rock from previous owner with Muriatic acid, let dry with industrial fan for 1 week prior to aquascaping in tank. Cleaned previous plumbing and tank with vinegar water.
View May 12, 2020 16:20