Algae is getting better. The shrimps seems cleaning well. Put nerite snail in too. Tank doing well apart from algae
View April 1, 2020 01:26
Added clown loach back in . Gone to ground. Not active
View April 1, 2020 01:25
One of the platinum angels died.
All the others are doing well. Perhaps he was beaten down.

Edit: this was maybe Mar 15
View March 27, 2020 23:59
But if an algae problem. Two types. Long light hairy one all over wood and plants
Then a short brown/black soft short hair. Just seems to be rock work.

View March 27, 2020 23:58
Found horse face loach dead today. Thinking someone is eating fish. Will check parameters tonight. Perhaps angels are the culprit?

Update: I’m pretty sure it was new tank syndrome. Nothings dying now. March 31.
View March 5, 2020 23:00