Added 25 more pounds of dry rock, two turbo snails, and a tiger sand conch.Additionally, I did a 25% water change with R.O.D.I. salt water from LFS (Aquarium Paradise). Ran a new set of tests and water appears to be good, but still can't find that fourth hermit crab.Yesterday, I added a new protein skimmer because the one I purchased from PetCo was garbage. Replaced it with a Tunze COMLINE DOC 9004 internal skimmer and it is doing a fantastic job (it's also very quiet). Will need to do something about my lighted hoods soon. They are LED and it looks easy enough to remove them. I think I'm going to juryrig some kind of arm to hold them over the tank until I can get proper reef lights.
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Cycling begins - started testing water now that it is cleared.
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Starting the build of my first saltwater aquarium today. I still have a slight todo list but it is small at this point.

- Acquire hang-on protein skimmer (approx. $150 - Petco)
- Acquire substrate (approx. ?? - Petco/Aquarium Paradise)
- Acquire Saltwater Test Kit (approx. $45 - Petco)

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