Replaced all my filters,membrane and DI resin.
I tested my water going in at 430ppm and 6.4 going in to the DI.
My filters are
0.05 sediment
0.05 carbon
0.05 carbon
75gpd Dow membrane
10" Colour changing DI resin
2x 8"x2" add on colour changing DI resin
View October 15, 2016 16:20
A few months ago I switch my salt from Instant Ocean Reef Crystals to Aquaforest Reef Salt and have been having problems with my parameters.
Yesterday I did a water change of 5 gallons then this morning I tested my all and it came in at 6.704 on my Hanna test
View October 8, 2016 12:48
Well I managed to kill my Red Planet Acro!
I think I might have done to big of a water change using my new salt
View July 29, 2016 12:33
I've switched my return pump from Quiet one to Jebao DCT-4000
View June 11, 2016 23:24
So I'm not happy with my T-5 set up!
I'm switching back to my A.I led lights.
View June 11, 2016 23:22
Well things have gone to shits😞
I have lost 5 of my Acropora's from RTN caused by a spike in salinity!it was at 1.032😡
I had a friend tend my tank while I was working out of town.
She accidentally used saltwater that was mixing for w/c and used it as top off water.
View February 6, 2016 08:35
Replaced all of my biopellets due to pump failure that caused the pellets to sit in still water for 3 days.
Working out of town sure has its downfall
View January 14, 2016 17:49
Well starting today I'm imposing a 4 month ban on All montipora in my display tank.
I just can't seem to get a grip on the Montipora eating nudibrachs.
I will re-dip them with Coral Rx
I'm also gonna remove the rocks in my quarantine tank to be sure there aren't any nudibrachs hiding in there.
View January 14, 2016 17:43
I tested a fresh batch of water for my water change and these are the results
Reef crystal salt mixing for 24hrs
Alk 7.82 (Hanna)
Calcium 415 (Hanna)
Magnesium 960🙀(Nyos test kit)
No wonder I have a hard time getting my magnesium level to 1350
View December 12, 2015 20:10
I plan on having 6 to 8 bulbs,so anytime I have an extra 75-80$ I will get more of those T5 HO single fixture and bulb.
I could use 10 of them in my canopy if I wanted too
View December 12, 2015 20:06