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Age 7 years, 7 months
Started May 6, 2011
Official Volume 500 Liters
Actual Volume 500 Liters
Make Red Sea Max
Model S500


I've been reef keeping for about 4 years. I have done well with my soft corals but never had any success with SPS. I have over time come to realise that you cannot rely on water changes alone to keep the chemistry in order. Now I am dosing Calk, Alk and Mag along with NoPoX to keep the nitrates down and eXcital to keep cyno at bay. I have a frag rack with 6 SPS frags and a couple of others in the tank itself. I hope to keep the frags going well and them place them in the tank when I am happy that I am keeping the water at a high enough quality to sustain them.

I have quite a few fish but my oride and joy is my Longhorn Cowfish, she is so inquisitive and spends as much time watching me as I do her.

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paul ‐ I think it took almost a month for th nopox to kick in, but when it did the nitrate reduction was amazing, far better than any of the NP pellets I had used in the past. The problem is that the phosphates don't some down as quick. Because of this you get cyno outbreaks, so you need something to lower you phos to the same level your nitrates have lowered then you'll be fine. I use Uktra Phos in a reactor and I dose nopox daily. HTH Paul
alvin ‐ I might give nopox another go, cyno is driving me crazy.
alvin ‐ Hi, I cant add videos from u-tube, to my videos on aquatic log, keeps saying, Video link must start with http:// or https://.
but the link is fine.
Have u got any idea what's happening.
paul ‐ try this, goto your video on youtube, play it, and use the link to share. takw that link (which should start http) and past that into aquatic log.

If that doesnt work, past the link onto your diary and I will take a look - let me know


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2 Fish

Longhorn Cowfish Lactoria cornuta
Longhorn Cowfish Lactoria cornuta

6 Corals

Elegance Coral Catalaphyllia jardinei
Frag 1
Frag 1&2
Frag 3&4
Frag 5&6
Hammer / Anchor Coral Euphyllia ancora

On average you perform a 17.6% water change every 11 days.

0% total water change in December.

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Dosing seems to be a little off, took readingsand now have switched the doser off for a day or two and will take new readings and calculate new paraemters
Using the ReefDoser iPhone app I have let my perfect parameters drift for 2 days and have input the different values as recorded today. I have set the dosing levels for Mg and Alk and will give it a

For the first time ever, I have recorded perfect results on all my test, I usually am close and have just been a spot or two out on a couple of parameters but today th
I used some putty and placed/fixed my frags in place. As soon as I'm home early enough from works I'll take some photos so I can monitor growth. I fully expect to change their location at some point
I dont believe my Calc readings, no calc is being dosed, my coral is growing, but the reading still jumps around. I wonder if other hanna checker calc users have the same problem?
I've placed my SPS frags in the tank and removed my frag rack. Today is the first proper SPS day!

I'll probably move them all tomorrow but it's a landmark for the tank :)