Ammonia levels are still too high each day. I'm treating with chemicals for now but that doesn't address the problem. Shouldn't have put so many fish in the tank, it's all my own fault! I will cut down feeding to once per day for a while to see if that helps at all.
View March 4, 2013 09:30
Removed wood from the aquarium that I think might be lowering the pH level so much. It was wood I found in Lynn Canyon. I'll continue to monitor the pH over the next few days and see if it stabilizes now the wood is gone. Right now I'm adding 1/8 tsp of Kent Marine pH Stable each hour until the pH reaches 7.5.
View February 28, 2013 07:31
Just finished setting up my Aquatic Log account. Need to take some photos of my setup and fish but I'll do that later. Tank is well and truly overstocked in the traditional sense but the regular water changes and tank setup are keeping the water nice and clean. Just need to keep it up now!
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