My 55

Volume 55 Gallons
Make 1$ gallon special
Model 55 gallon/ DIY cedar stand


A parts laying around, toss together! Had a 55 laying around from one of those 1$ a gallon deals from a pet store. Made a DIY cedar stand. It can fit up to a 2'x4' footprint. Lighting is 55x 3 watt LEDs. Blues and whites. More blue. 2 standard HOB overflows. A acrylic sump, u.v. sterilizor, dual T5 light for sump, 3 korilla power heads, Harbor Frieght return pump, 200 watt heater. Digital temperature control. Been working on a DIY controller, also a DIY skimmer. Auto top off, tied directly to my r.o. unit. Current stock is light, since it just ended the cycle not long ago. Three frags (birdsnest, digitata, and frogspawn) and a small yellow tang. Currently dosing a trial of Nualgi. think it will be a good indicater, for when the phosphates from some of the substrate I used, finishes leaching. Added a bit of bioload and glass is cleaner than not using it so far. Only other additive at the moment is Prime. which is a better type of declor I add to my r.o. salt mixes, for piece of mind. Currently around 150# of base rock(now live), between the display and sump. Coral grags seem happy and can only get better as I get more of what I want to done. :)




2 Fish

Ocellaris Clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris
Yellow Tang Zebrasoma flavescens

6 Corals

2 Invertebrate

2 Turbo Snail Turbo fluctuosa


Arduino Type Controller

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