it's been a while, but after having some sps corals for a month, am seeing limited to no growth.

Decided to give the Red Sea Reef Care program a try, their accelerated growth part. Working daily to raise my alkalinity up to 12.6 dKh, 465 Calcium and 1390 Magnesium.

As of yesterday my Alk was at 9.3, Calcium 425, and Magnesium as of the last test was 1420.

Nitrates are in the 4 range, working to get them to 1-2 ppm, and PO4 is at 0.01, and Red Sea recommends 0.1-0.4 (I think).

Additionally, I have adjusted my light from 100% blue, 15% white, to 20% white. Final resting spot for the white channel will be 50% or there abouts.

What will I be dosing with the Red Sea program?

Reef Foundation A (Calcium), B (Alkalinity) and C (Magnesium) - 1kg powder
Reef Colors A, B, C, D
Reef Energy A & B
Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

Amounts are TBD.

After a bit, and getting the corals to grow, will dial back and do their color enhancing program. I figure at the end of it, I can tell anyone how it works, if it works.

Currently in the tank:
2 Clowns
1 Yellow Tang
1 Tomini Tang
1 Green Bubble Tip Anemone

in QT: Midas Blenny (the other one died for some inexplicable reason) and a Hippo Tang. Treating tank with Coppersafe.
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Last night, both ammonia and nitrite were at 0. Added 120 drops of Dr. Tims Ammonium Chloride. We'll see if it drops to 0 today.

Definitely getting close.
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Nitrites are at 0!!! Adding 2 ppm ammonia and if it processes back to 0/0, we are cycled!
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Nitrites in the 1.0 range! Got my Midas blenny in QT, .15 copper, will add 1.0ml for next 2 days to get to 0.45, where it stays for 30 days. That will be followed by 2 rounds of Praziquantel, and a week of no meds. If all goes well, will join the clowns by September in the 120.
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Nitrites are dropping! Instead of instantly turning purple, I had to shake it to get purple.

Yes, I am excited it took 20 seconds to get purple.
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Long long process. So far my impression of Dr. Tims One and Only is a ripoff. That said, I was having immense apex connection issues and multiple times I woke up with the temperature at 71.
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Will the nitrite ever fall? I keep preaching Patience to myself!
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Still high nitrites. Patiently waiting but having disconnect issues yet again with the apex. Fun times.

Light is good to go. PAR readings are solid. 120ish on the bottom, 280 or so on the rocks.
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Working on trying to dial in the Photon 48. If I can get it dialed in, why spend $600 on a T5 system?

But if I can't get it dialed down to where I can grow SPS (250-350 PAR) and zoanthids (80-140 PAR on the bottom)...I may have to seriously think about my LED, and switch to the T5.

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