Installed Kalkwasser reactor to regulate PH
View February 23, 2018 12:16
Performed 5 Gallon Water Change. Water changes will be automated changing 2.7 liters per day.
View February 22, 2018 12:17
Dosed 20 ml of Dr. TimĀ“s Waste Away.
View February 14, 2018 16:02
I dosed 20 ml of Dr. Tim?s One and Only yesterday and today I dosed 20ml of Waste Away. After an hour of dosing Waste Away I got a big drop in disolved oxygen. That drop looks quite dramatic! The spike in the middle of the drop shows when I turned on my skimmer to counter the drop in O2. I had turned it off as per the dosing instructions for the One and Only bacteria product. No doubt they recommend dosing only half a dose of the Waste Away.

Another interesting thing is my PH dropped from 8.31 to 8.14 (measured with a Seneye Reef Monitor) or from 7.94 to 7.62 as measured by my Apex PH Probe. I had thought my Apex Ph Probe was going bad as it is reading to low. The probe was in storage for a couple of years so it made sense that I need to replace it. However I tried to double check with a Red Sea Ph test kit and I'm reading 7.6 if I can judge the color right (I hate colorimetric tests). I had measured about 8.2 with the Red Sea Test Kit a day or two before. Clearly I've got some bacterial activity consuming O2 and dishing out CO2. This was an interesting event.

The values I am measuring for ammonia also seem to differ between the Seneye monitor and the Read Sea Test Kit. Either the reagents on my test kit have gone bad (doesn't seem likely) or the Oxydator is throwing off the readings of the Seneye Monitor.
View February 8, 2018 23:28